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Our company is unique: we offer unique intergrated flight training and internship programs for international students in the US. Our programs take new students from Zero experience level to an Airline Employment Ready pilot. How? We guarantee internships in the United states, we offer considerable flight time upon graduation and we provide comprehensive post-graduation employment placement assitance for students from Asia, Middle-East, Europe and other regions.

With over 43,000 active members on Facebook and over 5,000 additional members on VK, mostly consisting of current and prospective students, graduates and internship employees, we are the Largest comprehesive aviation program and employment agency in the United States.

Discover and learn more about our uniquely designed programs below:

Full Airline Pilot Program

From: Zero or PPL Term: 2.5 years

To: ATPL Flight hours: 2500

By far, our most popular aviation training program among international applicants. It will take any student from zero experience level (or private pilot license level), then to the airline cockpit. We include flight training to Commercial and Instructor levels and internship in the USA, Airline Transport Pilot License, advanced internship on jet and guaranteed employment placement.

Base cost: $56,883 USD

Full AAS Degree Program

From: Zero or PPL Term: 2–3 years

To: ATPL, Degree Flight hours: 2500

This unique program is just like our Full Airline Pilot Program, but students engage in a higher level of academic studies to earn their Associate in Aeronautical Science degree. Program takes students through Commercial and Instructor licenses, basic internship USA, ATP license, advanced internship and employment placement in Asia.

Base cost: $69,249 USD


Seminar speakers
Seminar speakers
Seminar speakers
Seminar speakers

Capt. Russell Sherwood

Russ is an American-British citizen. Flying professionally since 2006, achieved multiple US and foregn pilot licenses, certified flight instructor and current airline captain for Delta Connection and director of operations for Raich Aerospace Group in the US. Capt Sherwood is our lead consultant for international students.

Gene Carroll

Gene is director of Global Air Holdings in Hong Kong, aerobatic pilot and aviation training consultant. Gene will be discussing aviation training options for international students, subsequent employment conditions and expectations of income.

Alex Pan-Yung

Alex is commercial and airline pilot who is currently working for Delta Connection in the United States as First Officer, building flight time and gaining valuable jet experience. Alex will be discussing employment options for intrnational pilots in the US, Asia, South America and Europe.

Vesa Turpenen

Vesa is the World leading expert in the CAAC (China) flight training curriculums. He is currently employed as a Chief Flight Instructor and a key foreign consultant in the largest government-run aeronautical university in People's Republic of China. He speaks Finnish (natv), English and



9.00 - 11.00, One day Event

New students, Full Professional Airline Pilot Prog



9.00 - 12.00 , One day Event

New students, Associate of Aeronautical Science Degree Prog

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